Thursday 9 August 2007
The 3 sisters who live 'Earthside' but are from the 'Otherworld' are back in this second book and are ready to take on demons and anything else life throws at them. Half-Human and Half-Faerie the sisters are so different but somehow so alike. They are interesting to read about and the author makes it a treat to read!

This time the book was written from Delilah's perspective and it took me a while to get used to this character who wasn't really that active in the first book 'Witchling'. I loved Delilah though and really hope that another book from her comes along sometime in the future!

Alot happens in this book and the only thing I didn't really like was the spider aspect. There were a few new characters...some I am sure will be seen again but who knows what will happen...there is never a quiet moment in the D'Artigo household!

I am really looking part to the 3rd part, 'Darkling', which will be out in the new year. I hope it won't be the last and that there will be a few more books about these magical sisters.


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