Sunday 5 August 2007
This book was 50/50. I loved the first 2 stories but the 2nd two stories left me wondering if the authors were writing for the same book. The best way, as always, to review a book like this is to break it down.

Witch Way by MaryJanice Davidson

This is one of my favourite authors but her weak spot, imho, is her short stories. She can always write a good book but usually her stories lack something. This story however didn't lack much and was really good. I enjoyed this and hope that MaryJanice Davidson will do a witch themed book! She has vamps, weres, mermaids and why not witches?

Street Corners and Halos by Catherine Spangler

This was really good. Deep but fun and dark while bringing some light. I am going to check out what else this author has written because I really like her style. I enjoyed this story and the writing style was my kind of style.

The Demon's Angel by Emma Holly

I have come across this author before in other books and I have to say that I can take her or leave her. Sometimes she has a great story and sometimes she is totally off. This story was totally this planet actually! I don't like sci-fi like stories and this didn't appeal ro me from the first page. Too much sex just made me keep speed reading this one and being really thankful when it was over.

Angel and the Hellraiser by Vickie Taylor

This is another another that I can take or leave. This story wasn't bad but it wasn't good either. A few twists but in the end was a little too silly for my liking and even though I finished reading it I am not dying to read this author again.

All in all a good book. Maybe others would enjoy the 2 stories that I didn't enjoy but the world would be pretty boring if we all had the same tastes ;)


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