Saturday 2 June 2007
This was a strange collection of stories and it is hard to write about the book as a whole without saying something about every story. However I have to say that I didn't really like the stories which are related to the 'Nightseer' book so I won't say anymore about them.

Those Who Seek Forgiveness is about Anita but there are none of the other characters that we have come to love or hate throughout the Anita Blake series. It was nice a freshing to have this kind of story. No tangled story, no lovers, no rush and nothing but Anita. I really liked it. 'A Lust of Cupids' was weird and fluffy. It was practically chicklit romance which is not what this author is good at. This 6 page story is the evidence. 'The Edge of the Sea' was dark and weird. An interesting storyline which started off good but I think the story overall could have been alot better.

'A Sacrcity of Lake Monsters' reminded me of the Loch Ness Monster :) It was an ok story and interesting enough. Maybe if this idea could be worked on and made into a longer story or book it would have been better. 'Selling Houses' is set in 'Anita Land' but there is no Anita. I loved this story and I hope that she will write other short stories like this. It was really nice and refreshing and quite amusing.

'A Clean Sweep' about a superhero was a load of rubbish. From beginning to end I was cringing. Thankfully this is one of the very short stories. 'The Geese' was not my kind of story and I sped read through it not finding it that interesting at all. 'House of Wizards' was a fun story. I could see it being a fun series of books if expanded on! 'Here Be Dragons' was ok but another one that I sped through and the last story in the book 'The Girl who was Infatuated with Death' is the short story from the book 'Bite'. I already read this and it is this short story that made me go looking for the other Anita Blake books.

All in all a good mixture of stories. A must for any Laurell K. Hamiliton fans but if you haven't read much of her stuff I wouldn't rush out to buy it.


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