Friday, 4 July 2008
Things haven't been the same since Nicki Styx had a near death experience. Waking up after her death with a gorgeous doctor ready to ask her out should have left her happy. Although coming back from the dead has now brought her closer to death. She can really see dead people and this isn't a movie.

Now a 'Ghoulfriend' and also girlfriend to the sexy Dr Joe things seem quiet. Then a lady turns up who has lost her daughter in a car crash and Nicki rushes off to help her find the girl before it is too late. What Nicki doesn't realise is that all the events this spooky visitor starts are related. Literally.

Anyone who read 'Dead Girls Are Easy' will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of this sequel 'A Match Made in Hell'. With the unanswered questions left open for so long readers will be pleased to know that most of what we wanted to know is cleared up in the first two chapters so buy your copy and sit down somewhere and read them.

Nicki is back and she is just as amazing as last time. However with her sexy doctor and a few family members making themselves known she hardly has time to breathe. She is actually busy making sure that she doesn't have to go to anymore funerals which includes her own. But the devil hanging around like a bad smell and it doesn't look like he is going to leave any time soon.

Great storyline, characters and a unique spin on the paranormal. If you want something spooky and fun this is a series you need to check out. This is turning out to be a great series and I am dying to catch up with my ghoulfriend again soon. 'You're the One that I Haunt' is out in April 2009 and it is already going on my wishlist so I don't miss out!

Thank you Terri!

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At 4 July 2008 at 08:09, Blogger shaunesay

Just wanted to let you know I received my package from Terri from the "Weddings from Hell"

I got a "Dead Girls are Easy" Bookmark, a signed bookmark with "A Match Made in Hell" on one side and "Weddings from Hell" on the other, a signed copy of the cover from "A Match Made in Hell" with the specs and other info for the book on it, and a pin with "What's up Goulfriend?" on it!

Thanks so much Terri and Amberkatze!


At 4 July 2008 at 08:15, Blogger Unknown

I am so happy you got your prize! Well half of it! The book should be with you soon...I have posted it but the Austrian post office can take days and sometimes it can take weeks to get anything to the States!

The 'Ghoulfriend' badges are gorgeous! Terri was nice enough to send me one with this book.


At 4 July 2008 at 23:41, Blogger Harry Markov

Where teh heck do people come up with these titles. "You are the one that I haunt" sounds so much like that song from "Grease". You are the one that I want. oh,oh, ohhhhh honey!

Anyways another brilliant review. Thanks! I gotta read some of those paranormal books. Well more.


At 5 July 2008 at 06:29, Blogger Unknown

I think it is supposed to sound like the song from is a play on words and I think it is fun!


At 5 July 2008 at 06:59, Blogger Harry Markov

Oh, yeah. It's quite the funny game. I love it, personally. ;)


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