Saturday, 29 December 2007
Yeah I got my copy of 'Happy hour of the Damned' in the post yesterday and I finished reading it already. I couldn't stop myself and I will make myself watch TV for at least 2 hours to make up for my reading-fest.

So you want to know what I thought? Well in the front of the book it says 'To Amber, I hope you likely?' and then some scribble which I think is Mark Henry's signature ;) Well Mr Henry...I likey!

I don't want to write too much because everyone else reading this has to wait till the book is released in March 2008 Muhahahaha! However I will say a few things that will make sure you are clicking 'Pre-order' over on Amazon instead of waiting to borrow, mooch or find yourself winning a copy on a VBB, swap etc over on

Mark Henry is the Jasper Fforde of Paranormal. This was fun, witty and utterly hilarious! Amanda the main character is 'Queen Betsy' zombie style and when I use the language she uses my boyfriend calls me a 'Potty mouth'. So she is amazing ;)

Oh and this isn't a one off. 'Road Trip of the Living Dead' is the second part in this new series and hopefully Mr Henry will like me enough to send me a copy of that too *flutters eyes*.


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