Thursday, 1 November 2007
I love this author and can't get enough of her 'Sookie Stackhouse' series! Her other books have impressed me alot too and I can't wait for the next book after 'An Ice Cold Grave' and wish she would write more 'Lily Bard' books. However there is always a wait before the next book so I read this one today to give me a 'Harris' fix.

This is her first ever book which was written over 25 years ago and recently got re-released. It had everything I expected from this amazing writer and you really get pulled into the story and enjoy the characters. What I found interesting was that Catherine, the main character, could have easily been an early Sookie or Lily. The small town setting is normal for Harris and she portrays it well.

A nice read and quick too. I only really guessed who the murderer was when Catherine did making this a very interesting read! I can't wait for more books by this author. She always writes a great story!


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