Sunday, 3 February 2008
I love this author's 'Sisters of the Moon' series so of course I wanted to read this series too. Actually I think I have had this series on my wishlist since I heard about it which was before 'Witchling' came out. However for some reason this series just didn't want to be read by me. Always too expensive or unavaliable I waited patiently for a copy to fall into my hands. Which it finally did when the Mbag arrived this week.

Well this was definitely worth the wait and I am actually annoyed at myself for not just paying the full price for this earlier! I loved this from page one and just couldn't put it down. Emerald was a lovely main character and everything about her friends, family and ways made me want to stay curled up with her! Sure she had some quite dangerous moments in her first adventure but she is feisty and has a great bunch of people looking out for her.

This was a nice cosy mystery with a paranormal twist. Just as good as the 'Abby Psychic Eye' and 'Abby & Ophelia' mysteries. I really can't wait to get the next books in this series and devour them! Shame that there are no new ones being written....but at least 'Sisters of the Moon' has now been extended to 9 books!!!!


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At 3 February 2008 at 15:31, Blogger WSS4

I am glad to see that you enjoyed this book Amber. I am going to read the second book in the series next to see if I can get into it any more. I did not dislike the first book and I did enjoy the characters so I am looking forward to giving the second book in the series a go.


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